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A customer requested that we take a old cleaning trailer and redesign it with our new X-Treme Kleen Systems Air/Water unit. After testing we found that it is the simplest, most versatile, easiest to use industrial cleaning applicator on the market. It features all the benefits of using an air system ( increased foam for vertical cleaning, longer spray range, etc.) and with our new technology we have been able to add a rinse mode on an air driven system which was previously only available with water driven proportioning systems. We created our new "X-Treme Kleen Air/Water System" when a customer asked us is there a way to still use "Ready to Use" (RTU) chemicals through an air system and also still have an easy to use rinse mode. The Customer was running into issues where expensive concentrated cleaners were being abused and used incorrectly. Although our "Xtreme Kleen Water Systems" are excellent units and can save money when used correctly we understand that there is no one size fits all in this industry and with our custom fabrication shop we can build the perfect cleaning system for your needs!

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