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  • Our Cleaning Process does not require entry into the shrouds

  • Little to no Scaffolding required for the cleaning process 

  • We do not get on the fins and walk on the fans  -No Bent Fins-


  • Our turnaround time to start a project after a walkthrough can be as little as 24 hours 

  • equipment can be cleaned "Online" this is a process of alternating fans while the Xtreme Kleen process is taking place 


  • Low Pressure foam wash & rinse utilized to make contact with all areas of the finned tubes

  • No Caustic or Acid Soaps used to accelerate metallurgy or damage aluminum fins   

Our Process and How It Works

  • Low pressure high volume foam wash ensures that all surface area of the fins are cleaned while avoiding any bending of the finned tubes.

  • Thorough clean from both the top side and bottom side of the fan ensuring that all debris obstructing air flow is removed.

  • Air Manipulated foaming wand allowing the cleaner to reach all areas of the fan without the need of walking on the finned tubes.

Foam under fan.PNG



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