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“X-Treme Seal” is any easy to use dust abatement program that can improve cost savings and create a safer environment!


S&S Supplies holds many lines of dust abatement products including Polymer based and Chloride based.


The Polymer Based Products are longer lasting products with increased durability and help stop potholing and wash boarding on gravel roads/ parking lots!


The Chloride Based Products are a cheaper quick fix option that will retain moisture on the road/ parking lot for 1-3 months.


Both options improve cost savings by reducing the amount of maintenance needed on the roads and eliminating the need to have someone on a water truck 8 hours a day.


S&S Supplies has the application equipment and can install the product for the facility or it can be as easy as mixing it in your water truck on site and broadcasting it out yourself!


Dust is a serious concern in today’s safety standards it reduces the amount of visibility when traveling on unimproved roadways and breathing it in could have a chronic effect on someone’s lungs. “X-Treme Seal” will cause an overall safer environment in those dusty areas.

Gravel Road Stabilization from Polymer

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