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This is our "X-Treme Kleen Water System" it is truly the most complete, versatile, and easy to use cleaning unit on the market; uniquely offering both air and water hookups with a single turn of a valve rinse mode.

Utility access limited? Not a problem this unit can run off water only through our single hose discharge side. 

Want a rich shaving cream like foam and have access to air?

Not a problem just hook it up the same way you would before with the addition of an air hose and use our dual hose discharge side to create rich foam that will cling to vertical surfaces saving you a ton on soap usage. 

No more deciding on if a water driven system or an air driven system is the best for your area when this one single unit can accomplish both with maximum performance.

Cost Savings? With the need to no longer ship water with ready to use cleaners you will save big on shipping and manufacturing costs. When using our dual hose discharge side with air the amount of soap being used will be greatly reduced generating even more cost savings. Our custom chemistry with 40 + years of experience allows us to be up to 50% cheaper than our competition. 

Safer? While we still have a line of Caustic and Heavy Aromatic Solvent Cleaners there is no need to use them any more with our "Strike-Out" product. "Strike-Out" is a safer and more effective product with a much more pleasant odor.

This one unit can eliminate the need for bulky storage tanks. The 55 gallon model shown in the picture will create 550 gallons of soap. These units are compact and small enough to strategically place next to multiple utility drop down points eliminating the need for mobile systems that are are heavy and cumbersome to move around. 

Easy Soap To Rinse Mode

Single Hose Discharge Side

Dual Hose Discharge Side

Minimal Space Requirements

Unit in field.jpg

Contact us to see if your facility is eligible for no charge supplied equipment!

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