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Soft-Kleen is a brand new service offered by S&S Supplies similar to our X-treme Kleen Unit Cleaning.

Soft-Kleen is a turnkey cleaning services that fits the niche where high pressure cleaning is not viable. Many facilities have sensitive equipment that need to be cleaned but cant have high pressure washing equipment damaging said equipment. This is where our Soft-Kleen program excels, our crews will come out with one of our X-treme Kleen Water Systems and get the job done. 

Utilizing our custom chemistry we can make the perfect cleaner to get what you need cleaned up without the need for high pressure. "Strike-out" "Super Solv" and "Solv Kleen" are our flagship cleaners that we use on a job. Not only can these clean almost anything without the need for high pressure they are also safe to use containing zero caustics or acids. 

Soft-Kleen is a cost effective and less labor intensive program than your standard high pressure washing. 

Click here to check out our                                                              page and see the machine our crews use in action. Your Facility may even want one for day to day use.

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