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Xtreme Kleen Systems

Xtreme Kleen Systems are the most innovative and versatile cleaning systems the industry has to offer ranging from Water, Air, and Steam application systems

Xtreme Kleen Systems

Xtreme Kleen Systems offer a variety of different application methods including Water, Air, And Steam. They can be set up with mobile units, stationary units, or skid units.

S&S Supplies, Inc. custom blends detergents/solvents to meet any facilities environmental needs/restrictions which can be used in any of our Xtreme Kleen System dispensing methods.

Water System Key Features
- Easy to use one hose system that hooks directly to a water supply and self dilutes concentrated Detergents/Solvents. No Need to ship water!
-Easy to use Flush mode not available on other water driven systems that will extend the life of the pump.
-Custom Foaming wand that eliminates backsplash on the user.

Air System Key Features
-Reliable Air diaphragm pumps that have been industry standard for years.
-S&S has added a custom water hookup to our air powered pumps that allow for a single turn of the valve to switch from soap to rinse mode. No need to pull out a water utility hose to the area being cleaned anymore just hookup to the pump and it's ready to go!
-Dual Hose application hose and lance that allows the user to adjust how much foam you want at the point of use instead of at the pump
-Designed for use with Ready-To-Use Detergents/Solvents

Steam System Key Features
-Mihjet self diluting steam systems can be used with concentrated or ready-to-use detergents/solvents.
-Steam Cleaning Eliminates hard dirt, debris, and other tiny elements with hot vapor that regular soap and water cannot.

Xtreme Kleen Systems use every from of application method to meet whatever utilities are readily available in the area that is being cleaned!

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